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Path Guide Group Shot

Terra Fleur

Path Guide Group Shot

$ 20.00

A Cairn is a tower of stacked rocks that is placed on a hiking or walking
trail to lead you in the right direction on the path. PATH GUIDES are stacked rocks with
inspirational sentiments on them to remind you to stay on a particular path. They all have some semi-precious stones and quartz crystals on them.

I have various sizes as well as many different inspirational sentiments on all of the Path Guides. You can order the size (4" tall to 12" tall and beyond, and between $20- $50 and up depending on size and detail). They are all one of a kind and sell quite quickly, so if you are interested in ones that I already have or in ordering a special one, please let me know. I always have a nice variety at my shows, so please come out and have a look!!

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