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Copper and Golden Quartzite Bracelet SOLD OUT

Terra Fleur

Copper and Golden Quartzite Bracelet SOLD OUT

$ 50.00

This Copper and Golden Quartzite bracelet was a fun creation with dangling swirls of copper! This feels like a charm bracelet, but with a whimsical twist. This bracelet is 7.5" long.

*Copper is known as the lucky metal, as well as the healing metal. It is the conductor of the spiritualist’s belief system. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. It is linked with the Divine and attributes to the Queen of Heaven. Any stone with Copper, in or around it, is said to have enhanced properties. It even enhances the energy of Silver and Gold.

* Quartzite stabilizes positive changes by anchoring them in the fabric of your physical and subtle bodies. It helps prevent you from slipping back to your old state after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing or spiritual experience. Quartzite helps the body establish a new state of balance that includes the beneficial change. When you are experiencing rapid changes, Quartzite also helps you maintain your perspective and overall balance by regulating your rate of change.

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